Our values

Our recognized values, general and personal, show the essence of our existence, operation and efforts. Therefore the Tobačna Grosist employees are committed to success and team work. Our objective is the satisfaction of our customers, employees and owners.

We provide high quality products and services to our customers on all levels of the Group operations in accordance with our customer satisfaction policy.
  • Each individual and department has its own customers (internal, external).
  • We know how to listen to our customers and their expectations.
  • We verify our abilities / business policy.
  • We perform our agreements.

  • We cooperate and act to reach our common objective.
  • Constructive communication.
  • We respect the diversity.
  • We all contribute to the common objective.

  • We are committed and oriented to reach our objectives in all areas.
  • We are daring and open for changes.
  • We introduce improvements.
  • We acquire new knowledge.
  • We are competitive in the market.

We meet owners’ expectations.
  • We meet and exceed our objectives.
  • We reach the expected business result.
  • We are part of the international Group, which works hard to increase the shareholders’ value.

We create working conditions for the well-being and loyalty of our employees.
  • We enjoy a stimulating working environment and advantages for our employees.
  • We have an open communication.
  • The employees are included in decision-making processes.
  • The employees have the opportunities for career development.
  • We are employee- and family-friendly company.
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